Sometimes you may find yourself tucked away in a booth and/or not able to communicat with your singers. Instead of everyone at the event having your phone number and texting you, this feature takes care of any communiction that may go on between you and your singers. They have to do their part by submitting a song to sing before they even get to have an exchange with you. Or they have to submit a form with their email address if they're inquireing about whether you have a song. All you have to do is maintain the queue and watch for a bell to change color. You don't have to look at your phone or anywhere, it all happens in real time right in front of you as you manage the queue. Of course you don't want people to see the queue. Things change: The person being honored, the bride, groom, Birthday person, etc. suddenly wants to sing. The queue is not a static thing. And you as the KJ can take care of those questions with ease - "When am I up?" - "Can you bump me up?" - "Do you have the KaraFun version?" - "Did you get my song?".

Karaoke Manager Cost/Versions

Basic Version $5/month

  • Displays Catalog
  • Can edit colors/links
  • Can add/create categories
  • Can add songs one at a time
  • Comes with a Catalog(includes Most of KaraFun's catalog)
  • Users can save to their own Temporary List
  • Alert system when user can't find a song

Advanced Version $7.50/month

Does everything the Basic does but includes:
  • Songs can be submitted to the KJ
  • Can add backgrounds/logos
  • Can import csv files (multiple songs)
  • Users can create their own permanent songset
  • Has a message feature if KJ is off in a booth(physically unreachable)


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