About "Karaoke Manager"

Welcome to "Karaoke Manager"!

In minutes Karaoke Manager turns your Excel song list into a fun searchable database on the web for mobile devices(or desktop). All one needs is 3G/4G capability or wifi access (Many clubs have wifi access now). You can cut down on the number of song books you need at your gigs as most karaoke fans have mobile devices with this capability. Even if your list is not in Excel it's very easy to convert from any format into Excel. Say goodbye to uploading PDF files or using FTP every time you update your Online song list. Just copy and paste the new songs from Excel in the Admin area, it will automatically throw the songs where they belong alphabetized.

Key Features:

No Freezes

Visitors won't have to wait for Adobe Acrobat to launch a PDF file which freezes some operating systems (Especially mobile devices). You on the other hand don't have to FTP a new page every time you add a song or songs. Just copy and paste from Excel or add the songs individually.

Nothing to install

Visitors don't have to install another app on their mobile device, just web browsing capability.

Increase Traffic

It will drive traffic to your website as visitors will come to check out your song list and make their own personal song sets before they come to your gig.

Recently Added Songs

It has a "recently added" feature that allows your visitors to see which songs were recently added. In the Admin area you can adjust how far back you want your list of recent songs to go. You can make it show the last 50 songs added or the last 500 songs added.

Help them find their songs/Cut down on Books

Many people that go to karaoke clubs haven't a clue of what to sing and love to scan through artists and songs to give them an idea. You on the other hand can create tags to help these people find their songs.

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