Excel - No matter what format

We have 2 ways of getting your songs online: One way is to just copy and paste from an Excel file. The other way is to save your Excel file as a CSV UTF-8 file and click the import button in the Admin area.

With just the very basics of Excel you can get your list of songs into Excel from any format. Once your list is in Excel it's just a matter of doing the things mentioned above in the Admin area. If you're confused about Excel or formats we can help you with this matter. Your Excel file should have at least 3 columns - one for the artist, the other for the song title and the third for the song ID. Many KJs just put digital in this field and pick the best version of the song. You also have the option of importing a fourth column which may contain a tag like Spanish or Duet. Let's say you have a thousand Spanish songs you wish to import you could put Spanish in that fourth column. Users will now see all those songs under the category of Spanish alphabetized.

Also there are free versions of Excel.


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