Running 2 Queues at the Same Time

In this video we demonstrate what goes on behind the scene in the admin area when singers submit songs. We show how you can have 2 different queues in 2 separate events running at the same time. Typically you would have another KJ working for you. We also demonstrate how you can add songs to your catalog on the fly at a gig.

Karaoke Manager Cost

  • This application is only offered to those KJ/DJs that are established. By established we mean you have a website/online presence.
  • There's a free trial for 2 weeks and if you feel it's something you could use the cost would be $7.50/month.

If you never organized your catalog and have thousands of song files (cdg,mpeg, etc) in a folder or folders, we can help you with getting them into a csv file organized.
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