Adding Songs While Running a Gig

In this video we demonstrate how easy it is to add songs to your online catalog while running karaoke. The benefit is that your singers are letting you know what songs you need to get. Naturally your catalog is at it's busiest while you're running a gig, however it will be working 24/7 as users/singers will be browsing your catalog at all hours and submitting songs to get. It also garners traffic to your website/Facebook/etc page as that's the only place it will link to.

Karaoke Manager Cost/Versions

Basic Version $5/month

  • Displays Catalog
  • Can edit colors/links
  • Can add/create categories
  • Can add songs one at a time
  • Comes with a Catalog(includes Most of KaraFun's catalog)
  • Users can save to their own Temporary List
  • Alert system when user can't find a song

Advanced Version $7.50/month

Does everything the Basic does but includes:
  • Songs can be submitted to the KJ
  • Can add backgrounds/logos
  • Can import csv files (multiple songs)
  • Users can create their own permanent songset
  • Has a message feature if KJ is off in a booth(physically unreachable)


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