Importing Songs

In this video we demonstrate how to import a CSV file of KaraFun's French songs and discuss tags. You can import up to 10,000 songs at a time. We can put your entire catalog up initially if you don't want to import it peicemeal 10,000 at a time. If you want to edit a CSV file with Excel or just understand them better, see our video - Downloading CSV files and Excel. You can also use Google Docs to work with CSV files. (see our video with Google Docs).

Karaoke Manager Cost/Versions

Basic Version $7.50/month

We supply you with a catalog that resembles KaraFun's

  • Displays Catalog See Basic Version Demo
  • Can edit colors/links
  • Can add songs one at a time (Though we'll initially put your catalog up)
  • We can supply you with a Catalog(Basically KaraFun's)
  • Users can save to their own Temporary List
  • Alert system when user can't find a song

Advanced Version $10.00/month

Does everything the Basic does but includes:
  • Songs can be submitted to the KJ
  • Can add backgrounds/logos
  • Can import csv files (multiple songs)
  • Can tag songs and create categories
  • Users can create their own permanent songset
  • Has a messaging feature if KJ is off in a booth(physically unreachable)

Free with hosting

Host your website with us at Eppi Hosting for $25/month and this application will be included. We will upload your website and if you don't have a website we'll create one for you for free. You will be able to edit the appearance of the website we create much like you can edit the appearance of this application.


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