Your Karaoke Catalog
is an Asset: Use it!

Singers love to browse a catalog for a song to sing and in a dim lit venue nothing beats a mobile device. Colorful and easy to read, Karaoke Manager makes looking for songs fun and easy.

Singers Can Submit Songs from Application

Singers can send their songs right to you the KJ. You see the songs submitted in the Admin. You can choose whether or not your singers can see the queue.(See Demo) You can rearrange the order to cater to new singers that haven't sung yet. (Move someone with a birthday up). It will let a singer know if their name or song is already in the queue. It frees you from trying to read chicken scratch on request slips or trying to hear someone request a song while the music is blaring. It takes care of these mundane things while allowing you to talk to your singers and enjoy the gig more. You don't have to print slips and have little pencils ready everytime you do a gig. You won't have to print a page of new songs everytime you add songs. A QR code to the site is all you need. Basically it just makes your job easier.

Are you using KaraFun

If you use KaraFun we'll supply you with a catalog that reflects theirs. We keep up with their updates every 2 weeks. Feel free to see for yourself if it has all their songs (with the exception of songs they recently added). Of Course you can add other company versions to it that KaraFun may not have. With just a QR code on tables you can have your singers browsing this amazing robust catalog and won't have to deal with singers asking you if you have this or that.

Add to Catalog while Gigging

If a singer comes up with no results in a search, they're presented with a form. It will already have the artist or song searched for in one of the fields and ask for an email. When the form is submitted you as the KJ will see a bell change color. You can immediatly add it to your online catalog after purchasing the song.

Import/Adding Songs

You can import songs or add songs individually. Getting your songs online takes less than a minute. You basically just import a csv file of your catalog. Regardless of what format your list of songs is in, Excel or Google Docs can convert it to a csv file, which you import in the admin area. (Click Here for video on importing csv file). You can add songs individually in the Admin area as well. You can also tag songs before you import them in 2 steps. If you use KaraFun, we can supply you with this catalog.


Give the catalog the same appearance and theme as your website or hand bill by adjusting the colors. Change the theme to go along with the seasons or Holidays. If you have a logo or graphic you can have that displayed at the top in the navigation bar. Much like importing your songs, graphic files can be imported and used. Images for the background can also be imported. See our video: Importing & Applying Graphics. There's no need to know any HTML, with just the click of a button you can assign images to be used as a background or logo.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Karaoke Manager is a web application, so you don't have to ask your singers to download an app (a simple QR code does the trick). It also only links to your Website (or Meta page, Instagram, etc..) and for that reason it's a perfect SEO tool. We do have a free version that will link to your Website but we're aloud to put ads on it.(Feel free to enquire about it). If you use KaraFun we can start you off with a catalog that resembles theirs. It has tracks that can be legally purchased that KaraFun may not have. It was created from the PDF files KaraFun provided. However their PDF files are lacking many songs because of licensing issues that they're working on.

Dispose of Duplicates

Why burden your singers with seeing the same song repeated even when the label is the same. See our video (Dealing with Duplicates), which gives an example of a KJ who uses Karafun in tandem with his own songs, decides to import Karafun's 659 Dutch songs to complement the 78 Dutch songs he already has. The import of course creates duplicates whereby the Kj can see the duplicates and either pick which ones to get rid of or get rid of all of them with a click.

Run Multiple Shows

If you have a company that's running 2 or more shows at the same time you can still use the "Submit Song to KJ" feature. The singer would just select the venue/party that they're at. To see how this works go to our "Submitting Songs Demo". You can run up to 4 shows at the same time.

Create Categories

You can create categories such as "Fun Group Songs", "Halloween Songs", "Duets", etc.. You can also decide which categories you want on top. For example if it's Christmas time you can have the Christmas category at the top. The singers themselves can save songs to their own personal list and categorize their own songs as well.

QR Codes

With a QR code, singers can scan the code on a table, handbill, flyer, etc. and be brought right to your catalog on their mobile device (No typeing). QR codes are free. Most KJs/DJs now have a QR code for Venmo should they want to be tipped. But we've also integrated a PayPal option, which allows the singer to give a tip after they've submitted a song. The PayPal API let's you know which singer in the queue sent the tip. You see all this in your Admin area. Again this is an option you can toggle on or off.

Download a CSV file of your Catalog

It's always handy to get a CSV file of your catalog for printing or just to have it in any computer to see what you have without starting up your karaoke software. Many of you may have so many songs that printing them all may be unrealistic in which case it might be a good idea to just print your French songs or humorous songs (See our video on downloading a CSV file).

Karaoke Manager Cost/Versions

Basic Version $5.50/month

We supply you with a catalog that resembles KaraFun's

Advanced Version $10.00/month

Does everything the Basic does but includes:

Free with hosting

Host your website with us at Eppi Hosting for $30/month and this application will be included. We will upload your website and if you don't have a website you'll be able to create/edit a website from the same admin area you use to update/edit your online catalog. It basically takes on the same theme as your catalog as shown here. It draws on images from the same folder that your catalog images reside in. No knowledge of html necssary.


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